The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) Educational Foundation serves a vital role in raising funds to support CCAC. The Educational Foundation partnered with Mindful Kreative to update its CCAC Connections newsletter with a new design and fresh content.
Mindful Kreative was charged with developing a compelling newsletter that would not only inform alumni and other supporters but also improve donor relations. The look and feel of the newsletter was designed with CCAC’s branding manual and style guide in mind, while the content was expanded to include news, scholarship opportunities, fundraising options and donor recognition.
The Educational Foundation was excited about the results of this newsletter transformation. They were not concerned about the amount of money raised with the business reply envelopes included in each issue but rather the “connection” they made with their supporters.

  CCAC Newsletter page one   CCAC Newsletter page two   CCAC Newsletter page three

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