Arthritis Foundation “Let’s Get a Grip” SMT

Situation Analysis/Research

More than 54 million Americans have arthritis, and many can’t participate in the activities they love or even perform everyday tasks – such as chopping vegetables or buttoning their shirts – due to the pain, inflammation and/or joint disfigurement caused by their arthritis.

Mindful Kreative teamed up with the Arthritis Foundation to facilitate the satellite media tour (SMT) portion of the “Let’s Get a Grip on Arthritis” cause campaign to assist in their journey of leading the fight for the arthritis community, conquering everyday battles through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections.

The organization struggles with brand awareness. To educate the public, Mindful Kreative knew that they would need to reach both local and national audiences. The Arthritis Foundation wants to build awareness that while the 100 different forms of arthritis can impact the elderly, it also affects one in four adults and nearly 300,000 children.

With hundreds of cause campaigns being implemented by non-profit organizations worldwide, The Arthritis Foundation needed to stand out and they used a key moment in time relating to arthritis – Arthritis Awareness Month – to do so.


The “Let’s Get a Grip on Arthritis” campaign pushed for social media engagement, as well.  Followers were encouraged to raise awareness of arthritis on Twitter and/or Instagram by posting what they love doing, such as dancing or running, because not everyone with arthritis can do the things they love. The #LetsGripArthritis hashtag was created for this purpose and the Foundation called upon their long list of celebrities to show their support.

The Arthritis Foundation needed a spokesperson for the SMT that could personalize the key messaging. This cause campaign aimed to educate the public on the wide-range of children and adults affected by Arthritis, the multiple types, and to help find a cure by donating on the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation had their sights set on working with Matt Iseman, the host of “American Ninja Warrior” because of his experiences with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The former doctor and comedian was diagnosed with RA at the age of 30.

We supported their spokesperson of choice because we knew Matt would resonate well with the Arthritis Foundation’s’ top 50 DMA’s, as he is a strong example that the elderly are not the only age group affected by arthritis. With his large following, he would be able to attract attention that the Arthritis Foundation could not get on its own.

The SMT allowed the Arthritis Foundation to get the maximum amount of interviews scheduled in one day, generate awareness across the country and capture content that was then used for ongoing media relations.

In order to make for a successful media tour, Mindful Kreative had to work closely with the SMT vendor, the client and Matt Iseman’s team to secure the highest number of local and national media interviews possible, all while working around a Today Show segment that was scheduled midway through the SMT schedule.


Matt flawlessly executed 22 media interviews via satellite with stations in the Arthritis Foundation’s top 50 DMA’s, including three national interviews. Each interview included at least three key messages and he drove traffic to the Arthritis Foundation’s website to donate by mentioning during each interview. Matt also encouraged social media engagement on Twitter and Instagram.

In one day, Matt Iseman became the face of the Arthritis Foundation and exposed millions of consumers to not only how arthritis affected him, but also how it impacts millions of Americans daily.


Overall success of the program, including metrics and method of evaluation

The “Let’s Get a Grip on Arthritis” SMT featuring Matt Iseman generated 11,559,041impressions, 22 interviews and 4,746,315 web posts. Social media also played a large part in the campaign launch and support of The Arthritis Foundation. Consumers flocked to the Arthritis Foundation’s social channels to share videos and pictures, and liked and shared celebrity posts relating to the campaign.

Although the key metrics were impressive, the most valuable metric was much easier to track: The Arthritis Foundation was thrilled with the results of the SMT and campaign launch. They praised us for our clear and concise messaging, outstanding number of interviews and the overall coordination of the SMT. Coming from an established non-profit organization, this validated our expertise in managing these types of PR initiatives from start to finish.