Arthritis Foundation Local Media Toolkit

Background Information

Mindful Kreative has teamed up with the Arthritis Foundation to assist in their journey of leading the fight for the arthritis community, conquering everyday battles through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections.

The Arthritis Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focused on charting a winning course, guiding families in developing personalized plans for living a full life – and making each day another stride towards a cure.

Goals & Objectives

The client turned to us for our expertise in media relations to help create a roadmap for their local chapters to use across all 50 states to ensure brand messaging and consistency in their approach. We established the local media toolkit to assist the local chapters in communicating effectively to the media and creating buzz for the organization.

The local media activation toolkit assisted in this journey by providing a comprehensive resource for conducting local media outreach in order to raise awareness of arthritis and how the Foundation is positively impacting the people living with arthritis in local markets.

Providing local chapters with explanations of key messaging, media relations 101 and detailed templates for several local activations allows for process establishment and uniform messaging across all Arthritis Foundation chapters.

Strategy and Execution

Mindful Kreative started the local media toolkit by brainstorming key components to be included and pitching those ideas to the client. Once feedback was received, we were able to start developing the local media toolkit that consisted of eight sections.

The local media toolkit featured an intro describing the purpose of the document and how it should be used, followed by a section on overall brand messaging that Mindful creative helped the Foundation establish months prior. The next portion of the toolkit included an introduction to media relations and best practices the Arthritis Foundation should be using when creating connections with the media.

A major portion of the toolkit thoroughly explained how to build long lasting relationships with the media. Strategic thinking was especially crucial while identifying several pitch topics that would resonate with the local media. These pitches included milestones of service, Juvenile arthritis summer camps, pediatric rheumatologist shortage, volunteer appreciation week, and pain awareness month.

Each pitch was supported by a template that include a press release, pitch strategy, PSA script, process of communication, media alert and timeline to support each pitch in its entirety.  Throughout the pitch were specific examples of how to localize national pitches for the arthritis summer camps, templates of press materials for each pitch, and instructions on how to support local pitches.


The local media toolkit was distributed to each chapter in all 50 states throughout the country. This valuable tool helped build confidence at the local level for the Arthritis Foundation, has allowed them to secure more top quality placements and has bettered their ability to maintain clear and consistent key messaging for the organization.