Our Team


It might sound corny but teamwork makes the dream work at Mindful Kreative. Egos and titles will always take a back seat to getting the job done.


Other agencies may show you the ‘A-Team’ to get your business and then replace them with a band of rookies to do the work. We, however, believe our clients deserve what they are paying for. This is why our founder and president remains intimately involved with every piece of business – driving creative and guiding strategy from the pitch through the evaluation.


When we say that every team member works together to meet your goals and achieve success, we really mean it. Each Mindful Kreative employee is able to field your call and answer questions on any account or quickly find the answer. This approach allows us to concentrate our efforts on achieving your success.


And now, we are proud to introduce you to our dream team:
Business Account Manager
Creative Content/Design Lead
Client Services Director
Account Manager
Graphic Designer
Strategic Accounts Director
Account Coordinator
Account Supervisor
Creative Director