Catherine Riedel, Strategic Counsel

Meet MK’s Strategic Counsel, Catherine Riedel. Catherine is a communications strategist and external relations expert with more than 20 years of experience working in agencies, corporations, non-profits and managing her own consulting practice. She works collaboratively with Mindful Kreative to help organizations determine and strengthen their relevancy to stakeholders and focus on opportunities to build and shape reputation, influence change and develop strategic long-term plans to meet business objectives.

Catherine brings a unique perspective as an information and data enthusiast by nature. She quickly assesses trends and data to support real-time thinking about immediate objectives and long term vision. She listens, asks questions and brings new possibilities to any project or situation.

Companies Catherine has counseled during her career include Abbott, Allscripts, the Alzheimer’s Association, Boeing, Dover,, Kemper Insurance, and Livongo for Health. Her work has resulted in increased employee engagement, national business media, and increased relevance for executives, companies and product offerings.

When MK and Catherine come together, the results are nothing short of sky high. The combined experience encompasses every aspect of the communications industry for a complete and holistic approach from start to finish.

Discover More About Catherine

Catherine is a proud Spartan as she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Michigan State University. She then went on to receive her master’s degree in Public Communication from American University.