Nikki Bandurski, Account Supervisor

Meet content specialist and account extraordinaire, Nikki Bandurski. Nikki is used to being the go-to person for all of her clients’ needs. Aiding in social media strategies, special events planning, media relations’ efforts and program implementation, she sees marketing and public relations plans through from start to finish. Nikki specializes in cause marketing, content creation and strategic planning.

Nikki brings ten years of experience to Mindful Kreative. With big agency experience from Mullen, Ketchum, and most recently Brunner, she is equipped with skills to take on any client. One of her exciting past projects includes assisting with media relations for 84 Lumber’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial, which was voted number one by AdWeek.

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and a minor in visual communication from La Roche College.

Discover More About Nikki

Nikki is inspired by the feeling you get when you watch a commercial or read something that really moves you. It’s this feeling that keeps Nikki in the business. And that feeling is even better when you are a part of the team that creates the commercial, writes the piece and draws out emotion in others. Although most often Nikki is part of the strategic planning and implementation, she also has a keen eye for creative and grew up considering a career in animation.

When Nikki isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her husband Justin and two little ones. This outdoor enthusiast loves to do just about anything not inside four walls and she particularly loves the beach.

Two to three words that describe her best:

“Dedicated, compassionate and hardworking.”

Personal Motto:

“Family always comes first. If that’s in a good place, everything else will fall into place.”

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

“Construction. My dad completely remodeled my childhood home and I was always amazed by his work. I would love to be able to do that kind of work.”